ICB Wayland Sunday School

New Family Registration

Parent / Guardian Information
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Terms and Conditions

The guidelines and policies referenced below are required for registration in the ICB Sunday School. If you have questions about these policies, please email admissions@icbwayland.org

  • I confirm that I agree to the Parent & Student Guidelines available HERE
  • I confirm that I agree to the Image Release Authorization available HERE
  • I understand that all families will be assigned as a substitute teacher for at least two Sundays in the school year (unless one parent is serving as a teacher or administrator) and I agree to this required service.
  • I understand that a minimum of 4 hours per child of parent service is required for my child/ren’s continued enrollment.
  • I understand that a minimum of 60% attendance (in each subject) is required for my child/ren to pre-register for the next academic year.